Travel Grant

LASIG Conference Grant

There is a 300.- GBP grant towards attending the LASIG-Conference on autonomous language learning in Istanbul.


The goal is to support a practising teacher who is interested in developing learner autonomy in his or her classes.


Criteria for receiving a grant for Istanbul

  •  Applicants do not live in Turkey
  •  Applicants do not have access to grants from their employer or institution.
  •     They are members of LASIG (at the latest by no later than January 31, 2014)
  •   They are willing to write a conference report or another article on their experiences suitable for publication in Independence shortly after the conference (a minimum of 800 words)



  Application process

If you are interested in applying for the grant, please write a covering letter to one of the joint LASIG coordinators (cf. email addresses below) with details of the following:

  •    The school and level of learners you teach (primary, secondary school, etc.)
  •      A few lines on where your interest in developing learner autonomy comes from
  •   Your experiences as regards introducing learner-centred tools and principles.

Please send applications by no later than February 21, 2014 to one of the joint coordinators who will forward it to the selection committee:

Please write “Conference Grant Application - Istanbul” in the subject heading.